Simple, Yet Powerful, Synty Tools

We are working on a suite of tools to help you prototype and build your game faster than ever.


Designed For Synty

At PolyGen, we take pride in ensuring that all of our assets are meticulously designed and rigorously tested to seamlessly integrate with Synty products. Each script and asset undergoes a thorough development process, crafted specifically to complement the unique style and functionality of Synty models. By focusing exclusively on Synty, we are able to provide a cohesive and reliable experience, empowering you to bring your creative visions to life with confidence and ease.

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User-friendly and Modular

At PolyGen, we prioritize the simplicity, modularity, and ease of customization of our assets, ensuring they are accessible to developers of all skill levels. Our assets are designed with a user-friendly approach, allowing even novice developers to integrate and utilize them effortlessly. The modular structure of our tools provides flexibility, enabling developers to customize and extend functionality to meet their specific needs without unnecessary complexity. By focusing on straightforward implementation and intuitive design, we empower developers to focus on their creative vision and bring their projects to life with ease and efficiency.

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Documented and Commented Code

At PolyGen, our commitment to customer support is unwavering. We provide dedicated assistance to ensure our users get the most out of our assets, offering comprehensive tutorials and detailed documentation.


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